Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning, Skills & Drills Workouts (aka “Fight Club”)Lose weight, tone up and get strong using the same exercises and equipment that professional fighters use…without the black eyes!

This class uses the gloves, heavy bags, medicine balls, jump ropes and other equipment used in professional martial arts/boxing gyms. No matter what your skill or fitness level, these workouts will get your heart rate up, speed up your metabolism and build strength. And as an added bonus, you will learn skills in self defense. These small group personal training classes are limited to four participants per session.

When: Thursday evenings at 6pm and

Sunday mornings at 8am

(classes are 45-60 minutes).



Where: The PRFS studio gym in Burien

Cost: $75 per month per session (Thursdays or Sundays) or $20 drop-in fee 

    For more information email Clay@PRFitnessSystems.com





Lose Body Fat

Gain Strength Without Bulking

Decrease Risk of Osteoporosis

Reduce risk of injury to connective tissues and joints

Burn More Calories

Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain

Enhance Mood and Reduce Stress

Build Confidence

Each month we will follow a program called 5/3/1 which will slowly and safely develop your strength and skills in each lift. And using a formula to calculate your one repetition maximum lift in each exercise, we can track your progress weekly based on the weight x number of reps you perform that day. This gives you instant feedback about your increases in strength.

Barbell Club is $75 a month for one session per week or $120 a month for two. If you miss a class you can attend a different session that week. Dress in layers as we train in a covered outdoor area. Water is a good idea. Lifting gloves are optional if you worry about callouses or cold barbells in your hand.

Current Schedule:

Monday 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p

Tuesday 5:00p

Thursday 5:00p

Friday 4:30p, 5:30p





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