Testimonials from Clay’s clients

Why Train With Clay?

Clay has a professional approach that facilitates individual growth and confidence. He shares bonus information on nutrition , anatomy and physiology. Clay can instruct a class of varied skill levels with ease. He keeps the class and each student moving toward broader achievements while keeping it “real”. Clay teaches an exercise with a standard form, as well as, with progressions and regressions. With Clay’s thoughtful and well planned workouts you feel that you can safely perform a work out on your own. He provides a means of learning your strengths and how to meet and overcome your challenges. What I have learned from Clay I will carry over into my daily life: take charge of your personal health, meet yourself where you are each day, rest when needed, and push yourself regularly. Thank you, Clay, for bringing out my power and strength. I never expected to become strong and defined. Your guidance has shown me inner and outer confidence.

Carol S. 
Burien, Wa

Finding Clay was an amazing stroke of luck and a life changing choice. I find his knowledge and skills to be excellent and his coaching style to be very motivational. Clay strikes the perfect balance between pushing, correcting and praising. When I add in his flexibility in meeting venues, it is hard to imagine I could have a better personal trainer. His concern for an improvement in total health and well being fits in exactly with what I need. Clay consistently seems to be watching out for me personally and always remembers all my little physical issues. He has the approval of my doctor and the health/weight management program to which I belong. I always look forward to our sessions wondering what he has planned today – always keeps it interesting and fun.

Theresa C. 
SeaTac, Wa

I’ve been working with Clay for about 3 years. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Clay is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy, enthusiasm and humor he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I’ve got new muscle!!

Brendan D.
Burien, Wa

I finally found workouts that I not only enjoy but give me the confidence to stay with it. I have found that I actually miss working out now when my schedule get crazy with work travel. His workouts are a great combination of challenging and scalable so anyone can feel accomplished. Clay is great at knowing just what to say to each person to keep you motivated and working hard. Thank you Clay!

Kim D.
Burien, Wa

Clay is an excellent trainer. I’d gotten into a rut with my weightlifting routines, and had developed some pain in my shoulders from several lifts I was doing incorrectly. Clay rebuilt my 3-way workout to significantly increase the intensity, as well as include several shoulder-stabilization exercises that continue to improve my shoulder. In the 4 weeks since we worked together, I’ve already noticed an improvement in my core strength, due in large part to Clay’s guidance to shift from isolated lifts to compound, multi-joint exercises. Clay listened closely to my goals regarding increased endurance and weight-loss and structured a challenging and scalable routine for me to continue working with. Without hesitation, I’ll keep working with Clay. I’ve recommended him to a number of friends at the gym, and will continue to do so.

Mark W.
West Seattle, Wa

Clay Fife is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough (“Kristin, you can work HARDER than that!”) and warm (“Kristin, excellent form!”), and he works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I can push myself further than I thought I could and, most importantly, working out has become something I look forward to. I recommend Clay without reservation.

Kristin T.
Burien, Wa

I needed motivation to eat better and exercise more. I know what is good for me, but I find it hard to do what I know is right when it comes to food choices and exercise. The Spring Transformation Challenge has been a great way to help create good habits. With Clay’s knowledgeable guidance I can honestly say I am able to make better decisions regarding my health. I would recommend giving it a try!

Dodie D.
Burien, Wa

I recently moved to Seattle and wanted to approach a trainer for a program that would address my overall physical condition while being knowledgeable and sensitive to a previous lower back injury.  I’m an active airline pilot and the profession can be quite sedentary.  At age 46 I have to admit that I was intimidated about returning to the gym but  fortunately I was pointed in Clay’s direction.  After several telephone calls and face to face meetings I was convinced to engage Clay, this has proven to be the correct decision! 

 In my situation Clay took into consideration all aspects of my employment, nutrition and current physical condition.  Clay quickly designed a program that I could incorporate during my travel even when I had no access to gym equipment. 

 Some points to keep in mind when considering Clay for your personal program:

 a.  Clay is formally trained and is knowledgeable with years of experience from the basic athlete to advanced.  Clay is also caring and focused on helping you achieve your goals.

b.  Flexible with scheduling

c.  Always reachable text/email/cell.  For me, this was a must as I traveled.

 The workouts, follow ups and the nutritional guidance Clay provided have kept me motivated and the solid results have me returning every week.  If your goal is for general physical maintenance or intense workouts I highly recommend Clay.  I have always felt that we work as a team and I’m sure you will too.

 Educated, caring, and a great motivator, just some words that come to mind…..

 Thanks to you, Clay!!

Brian G. 
Seattle, Wa

Online Training Clients:

Bittersweet!! It’s with a heavy heart I’m donating some of my favorite clothes today! Thanks to PR Fitness Systems I’m in better shape than ever and happily I’m wearing smaller clothes. Thanks PRFS: I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Mary K. 
Fond du lac, Wi



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